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From Gutter To Glitter (Tour Edition)
Glitter Boys


Price: $4.99 USD

Availability: In Stock

Format: CD

Pieces of Set: 1



glitter band


Ladies and Gentlemen , GLAM IS BACK!  Is it Steel Panther?  Is it Dirty Penny?  No , from a little town in Mississippi it's the Glitter Boys!  These guys LOOK and SOUND like it's 1984 all over again!  After the amazing electrifying performance I witnessed at Rocklahoma 2009 , I signed these guys immediately and put them in the studio to record their debut album which I was very excited to produce. The Glitter Boys would return to Rocklahoma 2010 and the Rock n America festival over the summer and draw some of the biggest crowds during the most outrageous performances I've ever seen. From 20-year-old guitar prodigy Chase West's blistering guitar antics , the big backing vocals to the instantly memorable choruses , The Glitter Boys are a new force to be reckoned with in the world of Hard Rock and Glam.  CHECK EM OUT!
PLEASE NOTE: This is not the final version of the album.  What we have in stock is the tour edition which we produced for the band to sell at their live shows and the festivals.  We only have about 20 left.  Once these are sold out there will be a new version released within a month or two that will have an expanded booklet and a new remix.  GLAM IS BACK!!


Listen to samples
Quicktime Logo
Rock n Roll Time Machine
Backstage Pass
Hold Me Tight
Wasted Again
Do You Believe In Rock n Roll
  These files require QuickTime


Track Listing:

1. Rock N Roll Time Machine
2. Backstage Pass
3. She's Red Hot
4. Hold Me Tight
5. Wasted Again
6. Do You Believe In Rock N Roll
7. Take Me Out West
8. Heidi
9. Bop Bop Baby
10. Lost Highway
11. Another Lonely Night




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