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Hole In The Sky


Price: 9.99 USD

Availability: In Stock

Format: CD

Pieces of Set: 1



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$30 + $5 S&H!!!!

FINALLY!  Pandemonium's sophomore release from 1985 on cd. Digitally Remastered from the original Metal Blade master reels and featuring 2 bonus tracks , Underground Metal fans all over the world have waited 15 years for this!  Pandemonium was the first band ever from Alaska to sign a recording contract and one of the first Metal Blade signings. Resch brothers Eric , Chris and David along with drummer Dave Basch would re-locate to California and become a mainstay in the California Metal scene for many years. 
What we have here is raw , pure Heavy Metal inspired by legends such as Black Sabbath , Judas Priest and the NWOBHM scene. Engineered by the legendary BILL METOYER , "Hole in the Sky" shows an improvement in production qualities but still retains that extremely unique sound that only Pandemonium had. Essential for all fans of 80s Metal!!! 
Pandemonium's complete discography is now available from the world's largest re-issue label RETROSPECT RECORDS. 


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Eye of the Storm
Look of Death
Evil Face 
Imprisoned By The Snow
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Track Listing:

1. Eye of the Storm 
2. Look of Death 
3. Imagination
4. Don't Touch That Dial
5. Evil Face 
6. Nothing Left To Say
7. Boys in the Bright White Sportscar
8. Imprisoned By The Snow 
9. After The Freeze
10. Eyes of Science (1982 - Demo)
11. Difference of Opinion (1982 - Demo)





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